Customized and Private Tours

Join your very own private driver and consultant on a tour of our holistic country as you tour those special places you have always wanted to see in India. Your consultant will take care of all the travel details including where to dine, lodge as well as visits to other points of interest.

Procurement of Unique Indian Specialties

From spices, herbs, jewellery, to fabrics. Let us know what you are interested in purchasing while on your trip and we will take care of the details. We also consult with you on the easiest method to transport your purchases home including sending them to you so you won't have to deal with your items as luggage. Once back home, you may contact us for any future purchases and we will be delighted to purchase the items and then export them to you. We can send you Ayurvedic herbs, Spiritual book and CD, Musical instrument, Tulsi, Rudraksha Mala and Jewellery, fabrics.

House/Room for Rent

If you are interested in House / Room for Rent in both short and long stay both in INDIA and THAILAND, we can provide you.
House in India: Vedic Darshan in Tapovan, Rishikesh.
House in Thailand: Kho Phangan, Samui, Thailand, This house is a Maharishi Vastu house, please contact us.

Real Estate Consultation:

We know India with its many unique regions and laws. If you are interested in real estate we can connect you with experts in this field who can help with location, price, size, taxes, shopping and schools.

Access to Music Therapy

While in India we can arrange for you to experience the magic of our music. Music is an ocean in the form of a divine art and its sea bed is not yet touched by anyone. One may just go deeper and deeper in the search of that ultimate transcendental stage. It's a wide and combined art of three forms: vocal, instrumental and dance. A human body is made up of five elements: Jal(water), Prithivi (earth), Agni (fire, Akash (sky) and Vayu (air). Science believes that music is the sixth element present within every being. Each and everything around us has the presence of music in it, as anything whether living or non- living has its own distinguished vibration. Even a small stone when brought near the ear can have the sound of a distinguished music.

Other Speicial Needs

We know there is only one like you with special and unique needs. Please let us know what those are in our initial consultation and we'll take it from there. We want your Indian experience to be a memorable one, and one that will have you returning to our magnificent country again and again!

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